#MoccasinsontheMove Presents Krystal Ziprick

The Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association (FRAFCA) is very honoured to present its first #MoccasinsontheMove Aboriginal success story! Krystal has been a client for the past 6 years and has taken part in many of our programs including, Prenatal, Postnatal, Spirit Bear Drop-In, Awahsuk Aboriginal Head Start Preschool and Bringing Tradition Home. 6 years ago, while on Maternity Leave with her daughter Teagan, Krystal mentions she grew up with a very limited amount of family around.

Krystal says, “I grew up on Vancouver Island and was raised by my mother Moyra Turner. She did her best to provide for myself and my two older sisters. My brother lived in Saskatchewan and that is where my father’s side of the family lives. I didn’t grow up with a lot of family. My mother left a rough patch in her life and made a beautiful life for us here on the Lower Mainland. We didn’t have a lot but we were very loved…. When I was young I played a lot of sports basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Even though I was busy with sports I did well in school. I got pregnant in high school and had my first child on my 19th birthday, shortly after I graduated in 2003. I gave birth to my son Jakob and he changed my world for the better. Thereafter, I took an Interior Finishing and Renovation Program at Discovery College and worked in that field for four years. I also waitressed, and served as well during this time. Jakob and I moved to Surrey in 2009 and moved in with my now husband Jordan who I feel so lucky to have married and get to spend the rest of my life with. While in Surrey I became the Assistant manager at Dollarama for four years and waitressed for a year.

We had my daughter Tegan March 2011, she is so precious. It was then I started to seek out support from organizations while I was on maternity leave. I met Leah at FRAFCA. she was so welcoming; I immediately knew I found a place that we had good family support and I made a ton of new friends.” Krystal then came to our Agency and has been a key part in the life of many of our clients, her giving and caring nature made her very easy for other clients to reach out to as a peer support. Krystal says about FRAFCA, “…All very rewarding and amazing programs. We didn’t grow up with a lot of traditional teachings and culture and FRAFCA has made us feel like we have family and has taught me a lot about our culture and how I can share these teachings with my kids. I stop in for smudging when needed by Brown Bear Woman, I also attended a sweat lodge ran by Brown Bear Woman. I am always welcomed when I just need someone to talk to like Natasha, Kari, Lila and Kelsie in the Aboriginal Infant Development Program…I have all the support I need at FRAFCA and will forever feel a connection with them.”

When asking Krystal what her greatest challenge in life has been she replies, “Starting my business. It is a lot of work writing a business plan and getting started.” Krystal then continues with her greatest success, “Owning and Operating Simply Style Mobile Hair Design.” Krystal's future plans include continuing to grow herself a successful business, while continuing to be there for her children and giving back to her community as often as she can. When asked what Krystal wants to be remembered for she says, “I want to be remembered as an honest hardworking person, a good friend, wife and mother.” FRAFCA truly believes that Krystal will be remembered for that as she has always pursued her dreams and passions.

Krystal while growing up could have taken any other road but decided that she was going to persevere and make the most of her life, she will continue to be an inspiration not only to us as staff at FRAFCA but to the Aboriginal community. Krystal closes by sharing one piece of advice, “Do what makes you happy!” Krystal is living her life by this advice and it’s been nothing but an honour to be able to recognize her for her successes! Congratulations Krystal on all your successes! You will continue to be an inspiration to all! Simply Style Mobile Hair Design