Congratulations Awahsuk Graduates of 2016

We would like to send the 2016 Graduates of the Awahsuk Aboriginal HeadStart Program!

The students of Awahsuk received their very first Halq’emeylem names by Eugene Harry (XiQuelem) of the Cowichan Tribes.

The children were gifted Medicine Bundles, a Halq’emelem name, and Certificate of Completion.

We are very proud of your accomplishments Awahsuk children and parents! You have all begun to embark on a lifelong journey that will forever shape the lives of our Nations future.

Congratulations from all of us at Awahsuk and FRAFCA!

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Awahsuk Family Drop-In Program

The vision of the Awahsuk Family Drop-In program is to prepare children for the beginning of their educational journey. The children will prepare for their futures in participation with their parents. The Family Drop-In is based around three main components: Education, Nutrition and Culture.

Awahsuk Family Drop-In Program Flyer
Awahsuk Family Drop-In Program Flyer

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Awahsuk Ceremonies

Awahsuk’s Annual Ceremonies

Awahsuk' Annual Salmon Ceremony
Awahsuk’ Annual Salmon Ceremony


Awahsuk has been holding it’s Annual Salmon Ceremony for many years. This ceremony is a month long process that allows the children to be apart of the same ceremony that the Coast Salish ancestors have been practicing for many generations. This ceremony is an honouring ceremony for the Salmon people that continue to bring nourishment to the people of the Fraser River.


Annual Drum Ceremony Winter Solstice Celebration
Annual Drum Ceremony
Winter Solstice Celebration


Our program has been going through a transformation in the past few years and we have been changing the way we do our programming. We have decided that, to better suit our cultural philosophy, we carry out a “Drum Ceremony” for our children instead of having a Christmas Party like we have done in the past years. The children were presented with their own drums by our Cultural Elder Fred John who drums with our children every month. Elder Fred talked to the children about how to keep their drums in a sacred manner and what it means to receive one, as well as saying a prayer and giving the drums a “voice.” The families were all present and involved in the ceremony as witnesses to this huge responsibility their child was given. We will continue this in years to come.


Yuxkwule Ceremony Grad Name Giving Ceremony
Yuxkwule Ceremony
Grad Name Giving Ceremony

During the Awahsuk Graduation Ceremony each child will be presented and “walking” in their new custom hand-sewn regalia. By the end of the year each child will have earned a Drum, Regalia and Ceremony Blanket through their hard work and achievements over the preschool year. Every sacred item we have is earned and we strive to educate our children in knowing that every goal reached did not go unnoticed; that we honour them for their persistence, strength and courage to accomplish their every goal and dream.