O'Siem Early Childhood Development Programs and Services

The Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Center Association strives to meet the needs of Surreys Aboriginal children and families ages 0-6 years of age.

The goals of our programs are aimed to:

  • Engage and involve families in workshops promoting education for both parents and children.
  • Support Mothers in giving birth to a healthy infant who remains healthy.
  • Ensure children experience healthy early childhood development, including optimal early learning and care.
  • Parents are empowered and supported to nurture and care for their children.
  • Communities support the development and well-being of all children and families.

This philosophy is with the understanding that an Aboriginal Early Years program must consider the lived history of Indigenous people; be trauma informed; and reinforce culture and identity of both the children and parents.

To support this work, and to increase the health and well-being of Aboriginal children, the program strengthens the ability of Aboriginal families and communities to care for their children in a culturally responsive way.

Aboriginal Infant Development Program

The Aboriginal Infant Development program supports parents whose children up to three years of age are developmentally delayed or at risk of being so.

Spirit Bear Drop-In

During the first three years of a child's life, learning takes place during everyday experiences. Our playgroup provides families with the opportunities for social play and Consultant connections.


Joining our postnatal support group can be a way of forming new friendships and having access to information and wisdom of other parents who are also raising children in the same age group.

Taking Care of Your Children

This group supports parents to continue to navigate life as a parent along with it's joys and challenges in a supportive environment. This group is services parents with children 2-4 years of age.


The Prenatal Program offers support to urban Aboriginal expecting parents and their babies up to 3 months.

Cultural Night

All nations are welcome to come together and join us in various cultural activities. 

My Urban Elder

My Urban Elders focus on creating a positive relationship between children and Elders in order to sustain healthy childhood development.

Strengthening Family Connections

Our Family Connections Worker provides cultural, social, and emotional support to families whose children are preparing to enter the school district.