The Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Center Association strives to meet the needs of Surreys Aboriginal children and families ages 0-6 years of age.

The goals of our programs are aimed to:

  • Engage and involve families in workshops promoting education for both parents and children.
  • Support Mothers in giving birth to a healthy infant who remains healthy.
  • Ensure children experience healthy early childhood development, including optimal early learning and care.
  • Parents are empowered and supported to nurture and care for their children.
  • Communities support the development and well-being of all children and families.

This philosophy is with the understanding that an Aboriginal Early Years program must consider the lived history of Indigenous people; be trauma informed; and reinforce culture and identity of both the children and parents.

To support this work, and to increase the health and well-being of Aboriginal children, the program strengthens the ability of Aboriginal families and communities to care for their children in a culturally responsive way.