The FRAFCA’S SIYAC has become a very popular group in our Urban Aboriginal community. The youth group focuses on arts and culture as a means of developing a positive self-identity. The SIYAC trains its participants to be advocates, leaders and facilitators in their community.

The Surrey Indigenous Youth Advisory Council is to promote the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and social well-being of Indigenous young people in Surrey. We are working towards ensuring proper supports for youth in Surrey and making sure they get the proper needs necessary. Through our partnerships we will offer solutions to provide culturally relevant, evidence-based leadership programs to empower youth to inform policy and programming, represent youth voice and ensure the well-being of future generations of Indigenous youth in Surrey, to help make Surrey the best place for an Indigenous Youth to grow up in. Our six core values are Decolonization, Community, Creativity, Culture, Leadership, and support. 

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