Indigenous Violence Prevention Program

Indigenous Violence Prevention Program

The Indigenous Women’s violence prevention program supports women to address trauma, relationship violence, and heal from historical and inter-generational trauma. The Red Path; living without violence is a 12 week (8 hours per week) group; weekly healing circles; connections to community and supports; and counselling. Additionally, we are able to offer individual counselling to indigenous males and female inter-generational survivors.

Meet Our Staff!

Tracy Moulaison, CCPCP, RPC Indigenous Violence Prevention Coordinator

Tracy is Metis and from the Cree Nation in Northern Manitoba. Tracy is passionate about keeping families together whenever possible. Since 2012 she has been working with men, women and children in regards to Domestic Violence as a facilitator for various programs such as, “Rediscover Parenting Program”, “The Children Who Witness Abuse Program” and “The Redpath; Living without Violence Program”, as well as counselling. Tracy earned her Masters in Clinical Counselling attending Rhodes Wellness College in 2010 and through the 7 years in the field in addictions, trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence and facilitating group therapy. I also have a background as a Legal Secretary and Business Diploma and Community Support Worker Certificate. 

Tracy would also like to acknowledge the courage of those who have the willingness to be open, vulnerable and take risks, so change will be made for future generations. She feels so blessed to be one of the many who are working together to bring healing to families who have been affected by residential schools.


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