The Positive Health Outreach Program is a Fraser Health funded program. The program consists of two outreach workers who will meet with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community members living with HIV and/or Hep C.

There are many things can stand in the way of a person’s health and/or personal choice; poverty, addiction, housing, lack of support. Our objective is to introduce a model of care to professionals and clients that is culturally competent, while ensuring the community member connects to an appropriate medical team regarding med. adherence, medical support; testing, and bloodwork. Once primary needs such as clothing, food, shelter, and safety are addressed and the individual is stabilized, the community member can then focus on an action plan that relates to their social and medical health.

The Positive Health Outreach Program is a principles driven program that is rooted within a holistic model of care. Our services include culturally sensitive counselling, support, and referral to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal services. The Program also supplies group facilitation, education, advocacy, and escorts. Our FRAFCA Team also meets for regular case managements to ensure an appropriate quality of service provision.

Our focus demographic is within the Fraser Health Region, but we will also meet clients within the Vancouver Coastal Health Region and the surrounding areas of the Lower Mainland.

Maintaining and promoting working relationships with various medical teams, and other service providers is a priority of the Positive Health Outreach Team, resulting in partnerships that will benefit client based care as well as community development.
The Positive Health Outreach Program looks forward to being a contributing member of our shared environment within the Fraser Region of the Lower Mainland. If there are any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at 604-595-1170.

Positive Health Outreach Program

Rodney Olinek is Dak’elh of the Nak’azdli Nation, which is situated within the Central Interior of British Columbia. Rodney graduated from the Chemical Addictions Program in 2016 with a Bachelor of General Studies from Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT), and is currently pursuing his Master’s of Education within Indigenous Leadership at UBC in conjunction with NVIT.

Cultural context, competency, and safety is an integral component of the work he does. As a trained Aboriginal service provider Rodney has learned that health involves so much more than just the physical domain addressed within the Western medical model of care. Our culture is our identity, and culture is a vital component of our health.

Rodney has worked primarily within the Downtown East Side of Vancouver as an Aboriginal addictions specialist, as well as an HIV Support Worker for numerous years. Currently he is the Positive Health Coordinator with the Fraser Region Aboriginal Centre Association in Surrey.

Rodney is quite proactive when it comes to bridging the gaps between services, one of his main priorities is to build working relationships and partnerships within the Public Health Authority to build capacity for our First Nation’s people, benefiting the relationships between Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal service providers, clients, and community.


Rodney Olinek