Indigenous Youth Urgent Needs Program (IYUN)

The Indigenous Youth Urgent Needs program provides outreach services and support to vulnerable indigenous youth between the ages of 16-24 who are at risk of becoming street entrenched.  The IYUN Program works closely with the other youth serving agencies and programs; and our vast network of service providers to ensure that indigenous youth who may be street involved are being supported, and are accessing the programs and services they need.

The IYUN Program assists youth to access basic:

  • Income
  • Health services
  • Mental health support
  • Addictions support
  • Shelter options
  • Job support
  • Housing support
  • Any urgent needs they are experiencing

The IYUN Program and staff support youth through cultural connections, advocacy, referrals, accompaniment, coaching, mentoring and emotional support.  The IYUN Staff  works within a strengths based framework, and assisting young people to build on their existing skills and develop their own capabilities.  Through coaching and mentoring, youth will be supported to access complimentary supports that will increase the likelihood of long term stabilization and success.

Program Goals:

  • Provide non-judgmental and culturally appropriate support to youth
  • Provide at-risk Indigenous youth with healthy alternatives to street-involvement
  • Encourage youth access to supportive programs and services in the community
  • Work diligently to ensure youth have a stable foundation including shelter, food, income, and connections to positive supports.
  • Working from a strength based perspective, build on youth’s strengths to promote independence.
  • Promote connections to positive people, places and things.
  • Foster increased partnerships among service providers and community organizations to positively respond to the needs of Indigenous youth

Refer if you meet the following criteria:

  • Youth aged 16-24 years old and/or their families who are willing to work towards positive personal change to enhance youth’s opportunities can self-refer to the program.
  • Community members can also refer at-risk youth to the Outreach Team.
  • School referral, where MCFD is not involved;
  • MCFD social worker, when a youth is aging out of care;

Refer A Youth:

Clients we serve:

  • Youth who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
  • Youth who because of history and mental health challenges are likely to become street entrenched.
  • Youth who are aging out of the foster care system
  • Youth who have no identified natural family in the region;
  • Youth who are drug and/or alcohol involved.
  • Youth who are not connected to school or employment;
  • Youth who present with multiple barriers, or complex life circumstances that would impact their successful transition to adulthood.
  • Youth on placement at ANYSH.

Contact Us:

Chelsey Phone: 236-880-8277                            Email:                         

Natasha Phone: 604-366-5441                           Email:

Chelsey Grier Indigenous Urgent Needs Coordinator

Chelsey Grier is from the Blackfoot Confederacy in the Pikanii Nation. Chelsey comes from a very culturally strong background and has followed in the footsteps of her family with the work she does. She has spent her career working with mental health and at-risk youth. Chelsey attended college and received her diploma in Cultural studies. Chelsey moved to BC to further gain more professional and life experiences, she has spent time as a support worker in the downtown east side Vancouver, a youth worker with the All Nations Youth Safehouse and is now the Indigenous Youth Urgent Needs Coordinator. She is very passionate about her work and hopes to make a difference with the youth that she serves. Chelsey has been in the role of the Indigenous Youth Urgent Need Coordinator since 2017 and has worked very hard to help youth aging out of care as well as been able to house many homeless youth and help them on their road to independence. Within this position she hopes to continue to do this work with the youth helping to empower them and keep the youth safe and off the streets.

Natasha Singh Indigenous Urgent Needs

Natasha is an Indigenous Urgent Needs worker who works with at risk and homeless youth in Surrey.  She has over five years’ experience working with youth that are homeless or facing homelessness as well as other limitations from aiding in success within Our community. Natasha believes that helping youth to succeed is key in making a profound difference in their future and the future of this community. Natasha attended Douglas Collage, where she took Child and youth care in the Aboriginal steam.  On her spare time, she enjoys hiking and enjoying all that nature has to offer.