The Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Center Welcomes the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Ruling (Jan 26, 2016)

OTTAWA, ONTARIO –  (Jan. 26, 2016) – The Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Center welcomes January’s ruling by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal recognizing discriminatory funding practices to First Nations child welfare agencies on reserve. FRAFCA congratulates Dr. Cindy Blackstock of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada and the Assembly of First Nations for their strength and determined efforts in seeking justice for First Nations children in Canada.

Further, FRAFCA welcomes comments made by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett and Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould accepting the Tribunal’s ruling and in accepting the challenge of seeking equitable funding for child welfare agencies.

We believe that additional support for First Nations children and for all Indigenous children living in Canada must be a priority for all levels of government. Many Indigenous families served by Friendship Centres have relocated to urban centres due to lack of resources on reserve. We further welcomes this ruling as a first step in improving access to crucial social services as well as a call for improved funding.

“The Friendship Centre Movement continues to work hard for the betterment of Indigenous families in urban areas and welcomes this ruling as an opportunity to work with partners to ensure Indigenous children lead healthy and prosperous lives,” said Nelson Mayer, NAFC President.

FRAFCA offers its full support and commitment to working with First Nations, Aboriginal organizations, the Provincial, Federal and Municipal and the federal government to ensure safe futures for all Indigenous children.

Well done, Cindy!