First Response Youth Addictions Outreach Program

The First Response Youth Addiction Outreach Program, in partnership with the Pacific Community Resources Society (PCRS), provides addiction outreach services to at-risk, vulnerable youth under the age of 19. These young people are provided services that may decrease their substance use and addiction. Services are provided seven days a week with morning and evening shifts in Surrey.
Program Features
· Delivering naloxone training and kits to youth.
· Offering prevention and harm-reduction materials.
· Supporting youth with referrals to Surrey youth centre’s, addiction programs, prevention programs, medical facilities, and culturally-appropriate services.
· Connecting with youth at safe consumption sites.
· Supporting youth in accessing shelters, safe houses, detox, and medical appointments.
· Providing one-on-one and group training for naloxone administration and drug and alcohol education in youth centres, alternate schools, and other community agencies.
· Offering the Choices* group within youth centre’s that can help youth make healthier choices for themselves through education and addiction intervention-style group counselling.

*The Choices group is a four-week program — available three times per year (January, April, and August of 2018) — offered out of the FRAFCA Youth Hub and PCRS Surrey Youth Resource Centre’s. The Choices group supports youth in making healthier decisions, gaining support, and giving support to themselves, others, and their communities.

Youth under the age of 19 who may be at high risk for substance use, overdose, and homelessness.

For more information please contact Youth Services Program Manager, Kyla Bains Phone: 604-996-9602