Building powerful opportunities to gain leadership skills – while disrupting systemic biases and nurturing community relationships for Indigenous youth.


Transform(N)ations is youth-led social enterprise, providing leadership development and empowerment opportunities for BC’s youngest and fastest-growing Indigenous youth population. Half of Surrey’s Indigenous community is under the age of 28.

This project provides youth with employment, education, and skill-development in the areas of advocacy, community relations, fundraising, and entrepreneurship. This newly developed Leadership Program delivers fee-based cultural competency workshops, while working to strengthen understanding about self- identity, preparing youth to be able to address, educate, and bring positive systemic change.

Cultural competency curriculum has been co-developed by Indigenous scholars and the urban Indigenous youth community. These fun and engaging workshops look at the lived history of Indigenous people and steps we all need to take towards reconciliation.

By hiring Transform(N)ations for your next workshop, you are actively supporting the urban Indigenous youth community to thrive and become leaders of tomorrow.

Facilitator Team

  • Amelia Boissoneau
  • Ravina Dhaliwal
  • Krystal Dumais
  • Samantha Jack
  • Naomi Kennedy
  • Finley Macalpine
  • Shane Sable
  • Cheyenne Stonechild


Decolonize 101
Half Day – 3 Days

This workshop is comprised of 8 modules co-developed by Anishnaabe scholar, Dr. Cynthia Stirbys and the youth at FRAFCA. This workshop can run from a half day to 3-day session depending on the Cultural Safety needs training of your organization. 

Decolonize 101 – For Indigenous Eyes Only
Half Day – 3 Days

This workshop is for Indigenous youth and communities to talk about how racism and bias affect their everyday lives and participants will learn how to address issues like micro-aggressions as well as come together to support each other in celebrating their unique gifts.

Cultural Reclamation Through Graffiti
1.5 – 4 hours

Through this arts-based workshop, participants will look at the history of Indigenous people through  public art, street art and murals.  This workshop can be either a painting workshop (2-4 hours) or a drawing workshop (1.5 – 2 hours)

Beaded Pop Sockets
3-4 hours

Learn to bead! For this workshop, participants will learn how to do applique style beadwork that can be translated into making earrings, medallions or keychains.  For the purpose of learning, participants will complete a pop socket that can be attached to their phone. No previous experience necessary. 

Program Information

Coordinator: Kyla Bains
Phone: (604) 913-7119