Cynthia Jim


Cynthia’s traditional name is Shuel-let-qua Q:olosoet and she hail from the Stlatlimx and the Xwexwenaqe Xwexwilmelh. She grew up in Xwexwenaqe on the land after returning home from St. Mary’s Residential School. She grew up with the Laws of Life informed by the land/watersheds/ and other beings (rooted in swimmers, flier, and other walkers). She is a grandmother of four with many adopted grandchildren throughout Turtle Island. She has four adult children, whom she has infused a culmination of Xwexwenaqe, Stlatlimx and Cree Cultural ways and ceremonies. She has worked within the Education, Child Welfare, Corrections, and Cultural Ceremonial domains. Her journey in life has always been naturally driven to help others help themselves through facilitating/witnessing and celebrating self-empowerment and healing through cultural contexts.

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