Vanessa Hickman

Director of Strategic Innovation (604) 595-1170

I am thrilled about starting this new chapter in my life, which includes accepting the Director of Strategic Innovation role at FRAFCA. It is an absolute privilege to return to FRAFCA in this brand-new capacity. From the very start of my career, I have always wanted to dedicate myself to helping improve the lives of Indigenous people.

I have spent nearly 3 decades of working in Indigenous Early Years. I am Interior Salish from Esdilagh First Nation on my mother’s side and other mixed heritage on my father’s side. I am a sixty’s scoop survivor and the granddaughter of a residential school survivor. My lived experience have given me firsthand knowledge on the impacts of colonization and trauma. These lived experiences that shaped my childhood have enlightened my journey and given me valuable insight.

Indigenous people have made exceptional contributions to society historically, currently and in the future. There is a beautiful diversity of Indigenous wisdom in this world and our new path forward would be inclusive and accepting.

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